Predicts which
anticancer therapy
mostly likely will
be effective

DirectHit® Test Panel for Breast Cancer

DirectHit Test Panel for Breast Cancer helps the physician predict which therapy will most likely be effective for an individual patient. It also will help predict which treatments will be ineffective, thus saving critical time and expense. This is especially valuable to physicians because it is not uncommon for various FDA approved drugs to create favorable response in only 20-30% of the population tested.

DirectHit’s accuracy has been demonstrated in retrospective clinical studies.

DirectHit predicts both resistance and sensitivity to four distinct, commonly prescribed classes of breast cancer treatments.

Drug Class Biomarker Our accuracy when we predict the tumor will be sensitive Our accuracy when we predict the tumor will be resistant
Antiestrogens Estrogen Receptor (ER) 94% 100%
Trastuzumab HER-2 100% 100%
Taxanes/Vinca Alkaloids Beta Tubulin III 86% 100%
5-FU/Capecitabine Thymidylate Synthase (TS) 80% 100%

In addition, the following are currently in development: Anthracyclines (topoisomerase IIa), Platinum Drugs (ERCC-1) and Gemcitabine (ribonucleotide reductase).

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